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This is an experimental site, the purpose of which will be to provide a gateway to research in Namibia.

Such a site was one of the recommendations that came from many in the research community during the consultations that led to the draft National Research Policy.

The main purpose of the site will be to provide information on research being done in Namiba for those outside the country interested in conducting research here.

This site is being established as part of the work being done by the Ministry of Higher Education to facilitate research and devlepment in the country and to provide a service to the research community.

Further Information

Ideas on the structure and content development of the site are needed.
Please contact Andrew Clegg on


Scientific manpower survey

The MHETEC is currently building up a database of the scientific manpower in Namibia, as part of its efforst to try and ensure that the demand for such manpower can be met in the future.

If you are a scientist working in Namibia you are encouraged to complete the survey form and return it to

Thanks to the many scientists who have already done so

More details on this survey


Draft Research Policy

The draft research policy is now being considered by thge Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation. A copy is available here (Acrobat, about 500k).

Comments on this may be sent to Isreal Tjizake (




The website structure

The proposed outline structure is shown below. For ideas on the content of the individual pages please follow the links to them.

For each subject there are usually two pages, one devoted to organisations conducting research and the second to useful databanks and research collections



Libraries, archives and cross-discipline collections

Archaeology and Anthropology
Arts and culture, history and religion
Biology and biotechnology

Community development


Physical Sciences
Social and political sciences

Research consultancies

Depositing research results

Site map


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