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Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
Independent, non-governmental organisation

The DRFN is dedicated to furthering understanding and competence to appropriately manage arid environments for sustainable development. To carry out its Mission, the DRFN is involved with various development projects with rural communities as well as research and capacity building of young professionals in environmental problem solving for sustainable development

P0 Box 202 32, Windhoek

Phone +264-61-229855
Fax: +264-61-230172

Director: Dr Mary Seely

Directorate of Environmental Affairs
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Ministry directorate,

The government agency for promoting environmental protection, environmental planning and environmental coordination. It manages a number of cross-cutting programmes which address priority environmental issues and challenges

Responsible for Namibia's biodiversity action plan - see National Biodiversity Task Force on this page

Private Bag 13306

Phone +264-61-249015
Fax: +264-61-240339

Director: Mr Teo Nghitila

Namibia Nature Foundation
Non-profit trust

The primary aims of the NNF are to promote sustainable development, the conservation of biological diversity and natural ecosystems, and the wise and ethical use of natural resources for the benefit of all Namibians. It acts as an umbrella body to facilitate a large number of projects in the country and the region. A significant international one is a holistic study of the Okavango river

PO Box 245

Phone + 264 61 248345
Fax+ 264 61 248344

Director: Dr Chris Brown

Directorate of Scientific Services
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Ministry directorate,

The government agency for supporting the managemnet of the National Parks. Conducts research to support the Park management through a number of research and education centres in the Parks

Private Bag 13306

Contact; Dr Paulins Lindeque
Phone +264-61-263131
Fax: +264-61-259101

Directorate of Forestry
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Ministry directorate,

The government agency responsible for managing the county's forests. Has a number of research stations throughout the country. Forest ecology and management, dune stabilisation, Fire management.

Private Bag 13306

Contact; Mr Joseph Hailwa
Phone +264-61-221511
Fax: +264-61-222830

Community based natural resource management (CBNRM)

There are some 13 organisations operating in the CMNRM field in Namibia. Details are shown on the Community Development page

Namibia's Programme to Combat Desertification, (NAPCOD)
Research partnership between government and NGOs

The identification and testing of national and local level indicators of desertification, the strengthening of service organisations and community based organisations to improve natural resource management and the ability of farmers to cope with drought, the review of policy and legislation pertinent to combating desertification, management of the national programme as well as national, regional (SADC) and international (UNCCD) liaison and collaboration.
Bush encroachment research, monitoring and management.

Private Bag 13306

Phone +264 61 249015
Fax +264 61 240339

National Co-ordinator:
Ms Shirley Bethune

National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI)
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural development
Government research institute

Indigenous Namibian flora ­ taxonomy, economic potential, ethnobotany, ecology
Namibian plant genetic resources, including crops ­ conservation, characterisation, use.

Private Bag 13184

Phone +264 61 202 9111
fax +264 61 258 153

Director; Dr. Gillian Maggs-Kölling

Gobabeb Training and Research Centre
NGO that is a Joint Venture between governemnt and DRFN (above)

Gobabeb is a research and training station based in the Kuiseb valley in the Namib desert. Its main interests include combating desertification, biodiversity conservation, climate change, appropriate technology and natural resource dynamics and management. Recent work can be seen at www.drfn.org/PubS.html. It caters for visiting researchers.

P.O.Box 953, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Phone +264 64 694199
fax +264 64 694197

Director: Dr.Joh Henschel

Fresh Water Fish Institute
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Government research institute

Fish ecological studies. Fish population studies and migration studies in the Okavango and Zambezi/Chobe Rivers. Studies into subsistance fishing

Private Bag 2116 Mariental

Phone +264 63-240362
fax +264 63-242643

Contact: Chief Fisheries Biologist

National Biodiversity Task Force
Government intersectoral planning forum including many NGO partners

Reponsible for the National Biodiversity Action Plan, 2001-2010

Private Bag 13306

Phone +264-61-249015
Fax: +264-61-240339
pb@dea.met.gov.na or contact@dea.met.gov.na

Chair: Dr Phoebe Barnard

National Museum of Namibia
Ministry of Basic education, Sports and Culture
Government institute

Holds a number of national collections. Conducts and facilitates research in a number of fields. Publishes annually a multi-diciplinary peer-reviewed research Journal 'Cimbebasia' , http://www.natmus.cul.na/cimb.html

Private Bag 13186, Windhoek
+264 61 276800
Fax +264 61 228636

Chief Curator: Ms Esther Moombolah-/Goagoses
Cimbabasia contact; Ashley Kirk-Spriggs, ashley@natmus.cul.na

Namibia Meteorological Service
(see physical science page)

School of Natural Resources and Tourism, Polytechnic of Namibia

Bush thickening and savanna dynamics, rangeland management and bush encroachment, alien invasive species Population modelling of Cape Vulture. Basic population viability analysis, Peri-urban baboon monitoring, Herpetology.
Environmental impact assessments.

P Bag 133388, Windhoek
Tel +264 61 207 2146
Fax +264 207 2196

Dean Dr. W. Jankowitz